Hi I'm Kamala, researcher/writer then ex hotelier and restauranteur cum web designer; avid globetrotter, 40 countries explored, 13 lived in!

I created a multi-disciplinary designer firm; me; Australian (designer, SEO whizz and CEO), Nepalese Coding geek) and a Canadian (social media guru) with 30 years++ combined experience. We have a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted customised web solutions combining a considered approach with emerging technologies.

We have a wide ranging experience in design from web and mobile design through to graphic design specilaising in marketing materials for the tourist sector. We also have a passion for best SEO practices and never design a site without SEO.

I am currently (Oct 2020) living in a campervan in the US which I proudly converted with my own hands. It is my home, my office on wheels, the apple of my eye and during a strange year it is my fortress and the stunning American landscape my inspiration! Travel is my greatest passion in life and despite the lockdowns and restrictions and other such 2020 shenanigans I must continue living my dream and being my authentic self!


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