Hi I'm Kamala, researcher/writer then ex hotelier and restauranteur cum web designer; avid globetrotter, 40 countries explored, 13 lived in!

I created a multi-disciplinary designer firm; me; Australian (designer, SEO whizz and CEO), Nepalese Coding geek) and a Canadian (social media guru) with 30 years++ combined experience. We have a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted customised web solutions combining a considered approach with emerging technologies.

We have a wide ranging experience in design from web and mobile design through to graphic design specilaising in marketing materials for the tourist sector. We also have a passion for best SEO practices and never design a site without SEO.

I am currently located in New Zealand living in a campervan I proudly converted with my own hands. It is my home, my office on wheels, the apple of my eye and during a lockdown it is my fortress and the stunning NZ landscape my inspiration!


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