Here at Web Craft, we take Search Engine Optimization very seriously!!! So serious in fact, we refuse to make a website without including it.

We get our sites top ranking on Google. Need proof? Just ask!


There are several approaches and tactics that are used to make a site SEO friendly and make it responsive to different types of searches. 


Settling on the right SEO keywords is a delicate process. Here we will research what your customers are looking for, discovering those keywords that will help you rank on search engine results page (SERP), and we'll put them to work in your online content.


The title tag on pages of your website tells search engines what the page is about.


Search engines show the meta description in search results when the searched-for phrase is within the description. Optimizing the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO.

HEADER TAGS - <H1></H2> <H3></H4>

Different levels of HTML header tags help break the content into sections as well as let search engines know more about what each section of content is about.


This helps search engines find good images for their image search based on the keywords specified.


The key to pleasing both search engines and visitors is to have quality content on your website.


A slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this will negatively affect your indexation. Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time have higher bounce rates and lower user time on page.

If you are interested in SEO services Web Craft can help structure a plan and assist you in your company's SEO goals. Web Craft is a Wix SEO Expert!

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Jonathan (Swaffield Apartments, Auckland, New Zealand)

Jan 2019

"Kamala did an awesome job on my SEO, managed to get first page on Google search. Really happy with the results, great person to deal with too!"

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